The Best Golf Courses In Edmonton

Golf Courses In Edmonton

Edmonton is home to now less than 61 golf courses. This is something that would impress everyone from beginner to experienced golf player. The City of Edmonton owns and operates three of the 18-hole courses in this area, Victoria, Riverside and Rundle Park. They all offer a seamless playing experience.

As a matter of fact, Victoria Golf Course is the oldest city-run golf course in Canada. Both Victoria and Rundle Park are suitable for beginners and mid-handicap players. These golf courses close for the winter, so you should check out their schedule, should you intend to play here.

For more advanced players, The Links at Spruce Grove could be an interesting option, as it boasts 70 sand traps and 6 holes where water comes into play. This is an 18-hole championship course.

Established in 1861, Leduc Golf and Country Club is only 15-minute drive away from Edmonton. Water comes into play on 13 of the 18 holes, thus making this venue one of the best golf courses in Edmonton. You can try your skills on this course, if you want to improve your game.

These are only a few examples, but the list could go on for a very long time. Anyway, the most important thing to know is that Edmonton is an excellent choice for all golf players, regardless their skills and experience. You can come here and book a nice hotel in the center of the city, and try out as many golf courses as you can. However, you should do some preliminary research before you actually come. This is easy to do, as there are many online resources that list all golf venues in Edmonton and all over Alberta, together with descriptions and contact details. Some golf directories even offer you discounts if you book online, so that’s a thing to look into, if you want to save some money.

If you need additional information on any of the golf courses in this area, you can join a few discussion forums on golf topics, and ask your questions there. The other members should be more than happy to help you find out everything you want to know about the experience of playing on various golf courses. For more efficiency, try to identify some communities of Canadian golf players, as they may be able to offer you more information and insights on the best golf courses in Edmonton than players from other countries.…

What Are The Usages Of Golf-Towels?

Golf-towels are very much essential, and only golfers can realize the importance of the same. You should purchase such a bag where there is a spate space for keeping the towels n tact. These towels are versatile as they can be used for various purposes.

Primary uses:

  • Dirty-clubs need to be cleaned thoroughly otherwise you will not be able to make good shots. These clubs can be now cleaned properly with high-quality golf-towels. Damp-towels are being used for removing dirt lumps from grooves and club-heads. Your grip on club’s head can be tightened if proper cleaning is involved.
  • Both dry and wet towels need to be carried along while going for golf practice. Stickiness and dirt of golf-accessories can be eliminated instantly with these towels. During the practice, the golfers sweat a lot, and in this case, the towels play the most crucial role. The towels need to be stored in proper compartments so that you can instantly take out for using the same as per need.
  • Washed balls need to be dried up, and this function can be efficiently done only by the use of clean and cotton-made towels. Wet balls cannot be used for golf practice. Sometimes, the wet balls are being wrapped up within towels for accelerating the drying procedure.

The towels can be either tucked or hooked properly with your golf-bags. Though white-colored towels are the most preferred options for most passionate golfers, you are free to choose colorful options as well.

Why Are Cotton-Made Golf-Towels The Best Option?

Nowadays, you can avail decorated or designer golf-towels. Designer towels will indicate your groomed personality and will also enhance the aesthetic value of your golf bag. You should consider the fiber before choosing the right golf-towel. Most golfers prefer using only cotton-made towels.

Why cotton made golf towels are used?

  • Cotton towels cater the highest comfort, and this is why the users love using them for different purposes involved in golf play.
  • These towels are soft and always protect your skin. You will never face any skin rashes or skin irritations due to the usage of these towels. To be precise, these towels are skin-friendly.
  • These towels are entirely breathable. The material is fully organic, and no synthetic blend has been included in them, so it is pretty hygienic.
  • These towels can be easily cleaned. Even after washing these towels for multiple times their texture and quality will remain intact without any compromise.
  • No chemicals are being used for making these towels, and thus the users will always remain safe. Moreover, these towels have got the highest moisture absorbing capacity than others especially microfiber towels.
  • These towels are of different varieties, colors, designs, and styles. Some of these towels have been customized with special graphics.

These towels need not require more maintenance, and thus you can use them for long. Moreover, they are very much inexpensive as a result of which affording them is not a big deal.